The MS in Robotics requires the completion of 40 units of coursework, including a capstone experience. Units are divided among core courses (5 courses, for a total of 20 units), focus courses (3 courses, for a total of 12 units), and elective courses (2 courses or 1 project, for a total of 8 units). A total of 12 units maximum can be at the undergraduate level. In addition to the 40 unit requirement, students must complete a colloquium requirement for professional development. Requirements listed are for the 2021-22 academic year. Students should refer to the UCR General Catalog for the most updated requirements.



All students must complete the same five core courses:

  • ME224: Computational methods for robotics
  • ME225: Design and fabrication of robots
  • EE235: Linear control systems
  • EE245: Advanced robotics
  • CS229/EE240: Machine learning/pattern recognition



Focus courses must belong to the same focus area, which is selected by the student among four possible choices. At most 1 focus course can be at the undergraduate level, from the approved list in each focus area.


Students must complete a capstone experience that integrates knowledge from across their course of study by selecting one of the two options below:

Project Option:
Students must complete a research project under the guidance of a faculty member and complete 8 units of CS, EE or ME 297. The project will be approved by a committee of at least two faculty members and requires a presentation and written report.

Comprehensive Exam Option:

Students completing the comprehensive exam option will take two elective courses for a total of 8 units.


Students following the comprehensive exam option will complete two elective courses for a total of 8 units. Elective courses are chosen from the options below or any course in the focus areas, as long as it is not used to satisfy focus area requirements. Only one of these two courses can be taken for credit in the program: EE 132 and ME 121.