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Robotics deals with the design of machines that combine mechanical, electrical, and software components, controls to allow such machines to perform actions in a safe and effective way, and algorithms to transform such machines into intelligent devices capable of reasoning about the environment and making autonomous decisions about future operations. Robotics is a rapidly growing area with job opportunities in multiple industrial sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, health care, public safety, environmental monitoring, agriculture, and national defense.
The objective of the MS in Robotics program is to provide inter-disciplinary training in various aspects of the design, construction, and deployment of robots and autonomous systems. Students gain exposure to the foundational principles underlying mechanical and electronic aspects of robot design, control and navigation of robots, and artificial intelligence, and have opportunities to apply the methods to practical projects of their choice in our state of the art robotics facilities.

Four Focus Areas

Students choose from one of four focus areas to create a course plan that best fits their career goals:


A soft robotic hand grips an orange with the UCR logo
Air-powered computer memory helps soft robot control movements
“Airhead” robot uses pneumatic RAM to play piano
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functional ultrasound device for predicting movements
Ultrasound mind reading machine could improve assistive robotics
Less invasive interface maps brain activity to predict movements
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Mahmood Shaheen and Nathaniel Ortiz sit with Scotty before a commencement ceremony
Chance meeting spawned a tech startup for these engineering students
Friends Mahmood Shaheen and Nathaniel Ortiz are taking recycling to the next level
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UC Riverside offers UC system's first master's degree in robotics
UC Riverside’s Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering now offers a Master of Science degree in robotics, the first and only one of its kind in the University of California system.
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a soft robot made at UCR
UC Riverside offers UC system's first master's degree in robotics
Algorithmic bias is one problem the program will tackle
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Four robotics professors receive prestigious NSF CAREER Awards
Four robotics faculty members received National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Awards this year.
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Jay Farrell
Jay Farrell named new endowed chair
The KA Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering established through $1 million gift
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Prof. Pasqualetti receives two IEEE awards
Together with his students and collaborators, Prof. Pasqualetti has received the 2020 Roberto Tempo Best CDC Paper Award from the IEEE Control Systems Society, and the 2020 IEEE Control Systems Letters Outstanding Paper Award.
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Invested over the next 5 years in artificial intelligence research; U.S. Department of Defense
New jobs in artificial intelligence globally by 2022; World Economic Forum (2018)